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Month: November 2020

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Alcohol DTs Treatment

Learn about alcohol DTs treatment and how you can handle delirium tremens safely and effectively. We provide information on the treatments available and the best options once you are past your initial detox.

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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely

So, you have decided that you are drinking too much, and you want to quit – terrific! Currently there are about 8.4 million people in the UK that are drinking at hazardous and harmful levels, almost double the number since lockdown. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) defines ‘hazardous drinking’ as ‘a pattern of consumption that increases someone’s risk of harm’.

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SAD Enough For A Drink

Many years ago, Consultant Psychiatrist Tom Foster wrote a paper, Dying for a Drink, about the link between mental health, suicide, and the use of alcohol. In particular he explored the correlation of this around SAD (seasonal affective disorder). As we move further into the winter months and as a pre-cursor to alcohol awareness week this something that needs to be considered.

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