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Too Busy for Rehab – A Modern-Day Solution for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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In the past private intensive drug and alcohol treatment tended to be an option available to only the few. Treatment was on the whole residential and expensive, with programmes often costing as much as £20,000 and requiring the attendee to live at a centre for a minimum of 4 weeks with no access to their work, laptop or mobile phones.

A consequence of this model is that many adults in the UK have been unable to obtain the treatment they need to have a chance at living a better life – or to stop developing habits before they worsen. Today, problematic alcohol and drug use and addiction treatment have evolved to meet these needs.

Breakthroughs in rehab programmes have changed that. Now, you can obtain the treatment you need at a fraction of that cost and with an accessible schedule available in the evenings online or via traditional face to face delivery. Better yet, these new programmes match and often exceed success rates for ‘traditional’ programmes.

We’re here to talk about this if you’d like to learn more. Call us now on 0208 191 9191 or email us directly.

Competing demands.

Problem drug and alcohol use and addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Despite popular media often presenting problematic alcohol and drug users and addicts as isolated or homeless, the reality of substance misuse is that 75% of those with problems are in employment, most have homes and are in relationships and have families. More often than not the people we consider ‘normal’ could be struggling with drug and alcohol misuse and dependency behind the scenes, doing their best to balance a life with its own responsibilities and obligations.

For these people, jetting off to a residential treatment centre on the other side of the world or spending 4 weeks or more in a UK residential treatment programme simply isn’t an option. Life must go on and careers and families need constant care and attention. Recovery must occur alongside these obligations; nothing less is feasible. The only real option would be a programme that’s available in the evenings and with an online alternative.

Hiding the issue.

It’s also true that adults don’t want others to know of their issues. Problematic drug and alcohol use and addiction are often hidden even from partners, work colleagues and friends and the stigma of addiction is something that remains to this day, colouring the actions and decisions of those struggling with drugs and alcohol.

Work is no different; as indicated earlier 75% of illicit drug users are employed and as many as 17% of those use daily. For every one of them, the fear of colleagues and employers discovering the extent of their issues is a concern lived with every day. Furthermore, 60% of employers have experienced problems due to staff drinking alcohol.

The issue here? This pushes adults away from seeking help sooner rather than later. Similar to the problem of adults not seeking help with mental health issues like depression unless it’s ‘bad enough’, most adults won’t consider treatment unless their drug and alcohol abuse is clearly severe or they have reached rock bottom.

A better option.

New methods of drug and alcohol treatment are changing that. If you or a loved one now suffers from substance misuse and either needs immediate help or wants to stop the issue before it gets worse, there are options for you. Help Me Stop’s groundbreaking onsite Dayhab programme in London and Winchester is the most affordable option for intensive addiction treatment in the UK. Alongside intensive group and one-to-one psychotherapy, it offers inclusive and accessible aftercare and family support options to minimise the risk of relapse and to maximise the support of the friends and loved ones so important to long-term success. Treatment can also be spread over 6, 7,8, 9 or even 10 weeks.

Our effective Online Rehab programme is even more affordable and accessible. It’s an excellent choice for adults who can’t get to our centres in London or Winchester, or who want to undertake treatment from the comfort of their home or office. The mixture of personal and group therapy sessions is exactly as you’d find at our centre in London and is structured according to an initial psychological assessment and delivered by specialist addiction therapists.  

Does online treatment work? Absolutely. Our successful completers are a testament to this and back up the findings from institutions like Yale University and The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Fix your issue before it hurts you more.

You or a loved one don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to get help. In fact, it is much easier to address the problem sooner than later. Drug and alcohol treatment is for anyone who is incapable of controlling and managing their use of drugs and alcohol – however severe that use may be. If you or a loved one are struggling with substances, please call us to discuss the issue on 0208 191 9191 or get in touch via email.

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