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Online Substance Misuse Treatment: Does it Work?

Lady in her home sitting at her laptop for an online rehab session

Traditionally, drug and alcohol rehabilitation was something that you attended in-person. You lived at the hospital or centre providing your programme, and you immersed yourself entirely in the intensive process of treatment and recovery until your 4 to 6 weeks  was done – or until you had recovered.

There’s nothing wrong with this approach; it’s worked for thousands if not millions across the world. The drawbacks, however, are significant and relevant to the average person. Cost is prohibitive, and life is largely put on hold until your programme is completed and you return home.

For some fortunate to have the money and ability to pause their obligations and pay for such, the results are typically positive. For the majority of other addicts who can’t feasibly leave work, life and loved ones to attend such an expensive kind of programme, it’s simply inaccessible and impractical. 

The online alternative

Particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, the online rehab alternative is proving increasingly popular in the UK. There are benefits to residential rehab, such as pulling the individual away from environments and social influences that can cause a relapse. The drastically reduced cost and greater convenience of the online alternative, though, are important to the average person struggling with addiction but also you are dealing with rehab in the world and are therefore not coming back to any surprises.

The simple truth is life can’t be put on pause for most people while they pursue recovery. Digital and non-residential dayhab programmes provide an affordable means of accessing rehabilitation – and in the case of Help Me Stop, match or exceed the success rates of traditional residential programmes.

How it looks

Online rehab programmes follow the same theme as residential and inpatient courses. Tailored plans of care are built and the individual comes to understand their addiction, stressors and triggers better through a combination of group and 1:1 work. The fact the courses are remote does not affect the quality of care provided, and additional support is available to family and friends – as well as aftercare if required following the programme’s completion.

Our online programmes run for 4 weeks during the day or 6 weeks in the evenin. The mixture of personal and group therapy sessions is exactly as you’d find in an inpatient, residential programme, and is structured according to an initial psychological assessment that’s performed by a qualified professional.

Who will benefit from an online rehab programme?

Beyond the simple truth that anyone struggling with addiction can benefit from rehab, there are several distinct and common cases where online rehab is particularly valuable.

Individuals who are unable to attend inpatient programmes, be it due to physical disability or issues surrounding social anxiety, will find online rehabilitation more easily accessible. Recovery can still be pursued, but it is aided and guided by a comprehensive programme that is attended digitally. This is of enormous value to many people who struggle with addiction.

Addiction affects adults of all kinds, and parents are no exception. For many mothers and fathers, the ability to fit an online rehab programme around their caring for their family and loved ones is decisive in helping them to pursue recovery – for themselves and the wellbeing of their family.

Finally, the significantly reduced cost of online rehabilitation makes it more practical for someone who is seriously concerned about their drug and alcohol misuse but feels they are not deep into the spiral of addiction at present. These people are many and all deserve support and help and can benefit greatly from the education and guidance that a structured rehab programme brings. In such cases, the spiral of addiction can be caught and stopped before it worsens – something anyone who has experienced it themselves can agree is a fantastic result.

The team’s here to talk

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. We’re in difficult times as a country, and we’d like to offer our support to all who need it as we weather the storm of COVID-19.

If you’d simply like to talk, we’re here and more than happy to do so. Give us a ring on 0208 191 9191 or talk to us through text using our contact form. Take care.

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