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Help Me Stop: COVID-19 Statement

Covid-19 Statement from help me stop

We are still open for face to face services as well as online

The Government has a coordinated national response to the outbreak of COVID-19, and Public Health England (PHE) has published a range of COVID-19 guidance for health professionals – including guidance on the assessment and management of suspected UK cases, and specific guidance for social, education or community care and residential settings. The NHS website also has updated coronavirus pages, bringing guidance for the system and healthcare professionals in one place.

Help Me Stop has a lead for Infection Prevention and Control. Our lead monitors the official guidance from the NHS and PHE daily, and oversees Help Me Stops response and advice to individual queries and concerns, as well as the related business continuity planning in line with our policies.

We have been constant in our practice to maintain our standards of care since the start of COVID-19 while ensuring the protection of our clients and staff. The procedures we put in place at the beginning of lockdown have prepared us for any policy changes caused by COVID-19, including the government implementing tighter lockdown rules in London, which was announced on 15th October.

Our Dayhab centre, which is based in Acton, West London, will remain open as usual and of course we have our online service for those that can’t make it into West London.

For your reassurance we have established a dedicated alert for our staff and clients. This is managed by the lead for Infection Prevention and Control and we have effective communication channels in place to keep our workforce up to date with the national guidance, as well as raising awareness to staff and those who use our services as to how Covid-19 is transmitted, and what measures individuals can take to lower their risk. We recognise the importance of continuing to operate good hygiene and infection control practices and we continue to reinforce this through our regular communications.

As of March 12th , 2020, All pre-admission assessments will include an off-site COVID-19 questionnaire regarding travel to certain countries, the current health of the individual with regard COVID-19 symptoms and if the individual has come in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 before any on-site activity is undertaken.

Currently we are still doing onsite assessments and accepting new clients onto our programme.

It is important to remember that lockdown rules do not apply if you need to access treatment for your drug or alcohol use, so please do not let this stop you accessing treatment.

Its Still The Right Time To Make A Change

New methods of drug and alcohol treatment are changing. If you or someone you care about is having problems with their drug or alcohol use now is the time to call. Help Me Stop’s intensive non-residential face-to-face Dayhab programme is an effective solution that also offers accessible aftercare and family support options to minimise the risk of relapse and to maximise the support of friends and loved ones that is so important to long-term success.

Our 6-week evening online drug and alcohol treatment programme is an excellent choice for adults who are working and can’t access services in the day or get to our centre in West London. Families can also access support online.

If you would like to learn more then call us now on 0208 191 9174 or jump onto Live Chat/email us directly at

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