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Addiction Therapists, our Recovery Guides

Man's hand held out to be held by another - he's on a trek in the mountains

Once addicts, then on a recovery journey, and now guides to others.

These people were once branded as outcasts in today’s society – the down and outs, the lowlifes, and the wasters.

However, this bunch of so-called losers are in fact the cream of society. They humbly help one another overcome a death-defying feat to heal each other with compassion and love. Despite the odds stacked against them, they rise from the ashes of life.

From a place of societal stigma, they have step-by-step become respectable people, defined by their strong moral values. They hold important roles in today’s society.

  – They hold get togethers to celebrate the milestones achieved by each member of their community, underlined by a unanimous sentiment of care and kindness.

  – They help provide a home to people that don’t feel safe and show people that they don’t need to conquer their greatest fears on their own.

  – They go on to advise governments and world leaders of the required work to save the lives of other people who suffer the same illness.

These people are far from lowlifes and wasters. Instead, they provide the solution to some of our most basic human needs. They have created a humane movement with a genuine heartfelt cause. To help others through the pain that they once felt.

Thank you! Our recovery Guides!

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