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Is Dayhab the answer for professionals suffering addiction problems?

Drunk Professional with wine in hand passed out on bed

Official statistics have shown that those employed are more likely than those unemployed to drink to excess. The increased level of substance misuse in the workplace comes from a range of risk factors, among them long working hours, poor supervision and job insecurity. For younger generations, a pressurising ‘drinking culture’ alongside frequent networking events further elevates risks for employees.

Last week, the breakthrough Dayhab treatment centre, Help Me Stop, officially opened its doors in London. They aim to revolutionise addiction treatment with a more accessible and flexible approach that allows people to fit rehab around their daily lives. What this means is professionals can continue to work and seek help in the evenings and weekends.

The launch day started with a buzz of excitement as the rooms were being polished and primed, therapists, recovery support teams, client services and management were being interviewed and a video walk through being filmed to give our guests and potential clients a true flavour of the look and feel of the surrounding.

The wooden tables, antique chairs and tasteful haberdashery give this centre a warm ambience with a high-end club feel allowing clients to feel safe, comfortable and valued. As visitors arrived through the glass tinted windows on Acton High Street, with a Help Me Stop speech bubble beckoning their welcome, they were caught unaware of how the look and feel of the centre inside removed any form of stigma or shame that so often accompanies those suffering with addiction problems. Therapists, professionals, potential clients, investors and referrers enjoyed the non-alcoholic cocktails and canapes adding to the chatter and excitement from conversations about the new dayhab. The Mayor of Ealing attended together with several local counsellors and the local MP. All of them were very complementary and felt motivated to support the initiative.

Daniella Westbrook was in attendance and wholeheartedly supported the idea of an affordable dayhab and wished it was around when she needed help. The evening ended with speeches from Chip Sommers our clinical director, the Mayor, Daniella and our CEO Tim Smith leaving guests invigorated and inspired.

As the pressures and expectations on both businesses and employees rise, the workplace environment becomes a breeding ground for people looking for a release through alcohol or drugs.

Dayhab is finally treating addiction with the same sensitivity and care as any other medical condition by bringing it to the High Street. It is breaking the barriers to receiving addiction treatment for many people in full time roles, who for reasons of lack of time or insufficient funds are unable to attend rehab. By launching a service that is both flexible and affordable, Help Me Stop have started to universalise addiction treatment and address the wider problems of addiction in the workplace.

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