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The Joys of a Spiritual Recovery

Black man breathing fresh air stretching arms in a park with a green tree in the background

When in the last hours of my drug use, one last “dark night of the soul” sent me  two clear messages:

  1. I could die in addiction
  2. I could live in recovery

That moment of clarity was my saving grace and I believe the message came through from a higher source more powerful than me “a spiritual intervention”. This is what gave me a surge of energy to take practical steps to rebuild my life literally from scratch. I am very grateful to still have that energy and it continues to motivate me to do whatever it takes to remain within my recovery. 

Being in a spiritual recovery means that I follow a way of life guided by principles such as honesty, perseverance, trust, humility, integrity, self-acceptance, steadfastness, willingness, patience and self-forgiveness.

It also allows me to be of service to others. I help people who are unwell and I do volunteering work, I’m family orientated and a productive member of society

If I live a lifestyle committed to ‘doing the right thing’, then I no longer have to experience feelings of guilt and shame; I can then access higher vibrational feeling such as: love, compassion and joy. 

Accessing my recovery in a spiritual sense means I have the humility to use prayer, chanting and meditation. I am aware these disciplines are used within certain religions, however, in my eyes they are spiritual tools which help me to practise a spiritual recovery. 

My recovery path has been based on an initial physical recovery, then a psychological recovery followed by an emotional recovery, but without my spiritual recovery as a source of strength and hope I’m not sure if I could have coped with the enormity of what I had to rebuild – literally every part of me! 

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