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Month: April 2019

woman at desk doing Meditation

Using meditation to overcome addiction and prevent relapse

Today we’re constantly bombarded with fast fixes, instant access, high-speed Internet, fast food, mobile phones that ping; a constant streams of emails and an ethos of busy-busy, work-work, bang- bang. And a desire for not only instant coffee but instant gratification: I want what I want, when I want it, and I want it now! (This comes from child ego state). People drive to work in a hypnotic state thinking about yesterday and dreaming of tomorrow.

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a family picture showing multiple generations - involving family in addiction treatment

The importance of involving family in addiction treatment

One of the major benefits of running a day programme is connection with family members who can quite often be the instigator of treatment, they can be the 1st point of contact to our service, coming into our service for support, education and advice. Family members are frequently within travelling distance of one of our centres as we are community-based.

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