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Drug Addiction Help

Drug addiction can be lonely and isolating, but seeking help is the start of your recovery. 

Help Me Stop offers drug addiction rehab in London and online, at an affordable and accessible price.

We know that getting drug addiction help can be a daunting thought, and that some of the options out there are simply not accessible due the cost and the time spent away from home. That is why we developed a drug rehab programme that is affordable and accessible, available in three London locations with an option to access the programme online too. 

Dayhab is a new kind of rehab model that means that you access rehab from a non-residential perspective. This means that you can continue with your daily life, commitments and work, without having to partake in a residential stay.

What does the 12 step programme look like?

Our programme is based around integrative psychotherapy,  incorporating the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, alongside evidence-based therapies including  CBT and person-centred therapy. This integrative approach improves outcomes, by ensuring our work with clients is personalised. We will equip you with a range of tools and strategies, to help you stop alcohol and drugs, manage your cravings and relapse triggers, and grow in your recovery and sobriety. 

The team here at Help Me Stop is largely made up of people who are in recovery, so we know what you’re going through and the ways in which we can support you.

Drug addiction can come in many different forms, and there is no one size fits all solution, or behaviour that is displayed. We have a team of specialists who are here to help you, and we have a range of treatments that mean that we can build a programme that works for the individual. 

We offer family sessions and spouse sessions so you can start to rebuild those key relationships within your life, and we offer group counselling sessions so you get peer to peer support and start to build friendships with those in a similar situation. 

Our drug addiction rehab is designed to give you the tools to integrate into your daily life. Once you have completed the programme with us, we offer three months of ongoing support should you need anything else or any further guidance in your recovery. There are also a range of resources and services available throughout your recovery that we will point you in the direction of. 

Getting help for your drug addiction is the first step, and we offer a confidential assessment with no obligation, so you can speak to an expert and decide whether our rehab programme is the right route for you.

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How do I find drug rehab near me?

Drug addiction comes in many forms. We have helped clients that are struggling with cocaine or marijana use, as well as those who are using heroin, crystal meth, GHB, or ketamine. It can also be difficult to know where to turn, but with our online programme and London centres.

There is no judgement from our team and we know that addiction can take hold and recreational use can get out of hand, turning into something you can no longer control or manage, and that it also can be difficult to ask for drug addiction help. We have been there ourselves, and we have all achieved long-term, fulfilling recovery from addiction. We are there for you to help you take the steps to recovery and sobriety, in a way that works for you.

Call the team on +44 (0) 208 191 9191, or send us an email and let’s chat about the ways in which Help Me Stop can help you stop with our rehab in London and online.