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Why is Drug Detox Important?

Detoxification from drugs is often a necessary step on the road to recovery from addiction. It is the start of a journey, and although it isn’t necessary for everyone, it can be an important and vital part of the process. 


What is a drug detox?

A medically-assisted drug detox is the process of withdrawing from drugs in a controlled and safe manner. Often the body becomes reliant on drugs and substances, which make it incredibly difficult to stop using. A detox should always be a medically planned programme, to wean the user off the substance in question, typically over the course of between 7 and 10 days, though this can be longer depending on many factors. 


Who is a drug detox for? 

Drug detox is for people who cannot stop using drugs without withdrawal symptoms setting in. Knowing whether or not a drug detox is right for you is a question for professionals, and if you are curious about whether or not you need a detox, then it is best to seek medical advice. At Help Me Stop, we offer a confidential drug and alcohol treatment assessment, and part of that is determining whether you need a medically-assisted drug detox.

It is important to know that a drug detox should always be medically prescribed and supervised. It is not advised that detoxes are undertaken independently, as there can be withdrawal symptoms and even fatalities, if it is not controlled properly.

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Why is a drug detox important?

Drug detox is important because it helps to clear your physical body safely of drugs and/or alcohol. . It allows the brain and body the chance to alter to this new state of being without physical dependency on the drugs. Then, you can start your rehab programme, which is about treating your psychological dependence on drugs. 

Detox alone is never enough to stop you from using long term, and it is not a substitute for a therapeutic rehab programme. If you’re physically addicted, detox is the start of your rehab journey, and will help you become ready for psychological help with addiction. 

It is important for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that it helps to press that reset button safely, and it gives you a much stronger chance of succeeding in the early phase of your treatment and recovery. 

Where to find a drug detox 

Finding a London detox depends on what support and help you are looking for throughout the process, and there are different options depending on your needs. There is home detox, which will be prescribed and supervised by a medical professional, and then there is an inpatient detox option too if you need to stay in a residential facility throughout the course of the detox, with 24/7 care.

At Help Me Stop, we are equipped and well-versed to help you find a detox programme to suit your needs. We can point you in the right direction and help you come up with a plan to recover from your addictions. 

Many of us at Help Me Stop have been where you are, and we are here to help and support you through this next chapter of your life. Please contact us here to talk about your detox options in confidence.

Getting help with drug addiction

Help Me Stop is a Dayhab facility offering non-residential Rehab in two London locations, in our Winchester Rehab, and in our Online Rehab. We know that traditional rehab models can be costly and mean that you have to take time away from life and work in order to integrate and initiate your recovery. This is why we created a UK Dayhab, so that you can work rehab and recovery around your life and commitments and make lasting changes to your lifestyle. 

Dayhab is significantly cheaper than residential rehab, and having an online model means that our programme can be accessed anywhere in the UK, and worldwide too. 

Our programme is rooted in the 12 step approach to addiction treatment, and we also incorporate proven therapeutic approaches including person-centred therapy, CBT, family groups, mindfulness, and more. We work with our clients mainly in  group sessions, with a weekly one-to-one counselling session throughout the course of treatment, and 12 weeks of aftercare.

Dayhab is a suitable step to take following your detox journey, and our team is equipped to support you through this transition.

If you would like to find out more about Dayhab and how the team can support your journey, you can call us on +44 (0) 208 191 9191 or email us on for a confidential conversation. We are here to listen and support you without judgement, and we will be here for you every step of the way. 

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