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Our Recovery Stories

Recovery is unique, and everyone’s journey is different, so our approach is too. At Help Me Stop, we have helped hundreds of people find their path and recover from addiction. We work with you to find your way to recovery and to help you beyond our programme too. Read and watch some of our clients talk about their experiences with Help Me Stop below.

They are stories worth celebrating and we hope they inspire you.

Call +44(0)208 191 9191  to talk in confidence about face-to-face or online addiction treatment at Help Me Stop.

The gift of peace of mind in addiction recovery

Matt completed our face-to-face Dayhab programme in our central London rehab in the summer of 2021. 

‘So, the three words for treatment here are: freeing, acceptance and exhilarating,’ Matt says. ‘The biggest thing that I liked more than anything else, actually, which I said in my graduation, was that because we’ve all been in this together, and that they get it, the therapists get it because they’ve been there, that makes a massive difference for me – rather than someone who is trained to be a therapist but hasn’t actually had any firsthand experience.’

A lovely story about fatherhood in alcohol recovery

Dave came to Help Me Stop Dayhab in June 2021 for alcohol treatment. In this audio blog, he speaks about the extraordinary impact of alcohol recovery on his relationships, particularly with his 4-year-old daughter.

‘I think one of the guiding lights, so to speak, of Help Me Stop was to watch this little one grow up and to let her see me – not to see me in the states I was, or the states I was going to get in, or even worse, not be here at all. For that, I’m grateful.’

Lucy: alcohol, treatment, my family and me

Lucy came to Help Me Stop for alcohol treatment in our Online Rehab

‘My relationship with alcohol had become very destructive. It was all-consuming. Although I had boundaries, a 6pm start, I was obsessed with it getting to 6 o’ clock, obsessed with making sure there was wine in the fridge and another bottle to follow. And it was quite isolating because as soon as I took that first drink, I wanted to go and sit on my own, and have peace and quiet, and be left alone just to drink. I didn’t want to interact with anybody.’

Becoming a mum in addiction recovery

We hope you take something for you from this story about one of our clients, who made this video blog in her 17th month of addiction recovery.

At the time of making this video, she is seven months’ pregnant. Watch her story to hear how she is feeling about the extraordinary changes that are happening in her life. 

I got married, we're expecting a baby but my addiction took over

‘I was on a path of destruction, a real downward spiral. My drinking habits became even worse during lockdown. Poking my head out of lockdown and back into reality, I knew my drinking and drug habits were in no way manageable anymore.

‘I got married this year and we’re expecting a baby, so big life-changing events were happening, but my addiction completely took over – it had really got on top of me.

‘Before Help Me Stop, I tried a few therapists who just weren’t very helpful for me. I didn’t connect with them at all. But I couldn’t stop by myself either. So really, I had no option other than to try the Help Me Stop programme.’

Tom in trees on addiction

Erick logs on to Digital Dayhab from South Africa for help with addiction

‘One of the most amazing things that I had with this programme is the fact that I’ve been accessing this programme all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa, which is a programme based in London that I attended online, but it was one of the best experiences ever. I felt like I was there. I felt connected. 

‘I couldn’t imagine that I could get the help or overcome addiction through an online programme that I would attend from miles away in South Africa, and receiving help from London and it was life-changing because I still felt involved. Though it was online, it still gave me all the care and therapy that I needed. And I’m a brand new person today because of it.’

Marks' story: Online Rehab for alcohol addiction

‘After years of secret drinking, I knew I had to stop. For a long time, I believed that I was in control, but as I now know it the drink controlled me. I had tried to stop many times by myself, thinking I could do it alone. Despite my best efforts all of my attempts failed.

‘The Help Me Stop approach seemed to me flexible and accommodating. I opted for the online Digital Dayhab programme, which fitted into my lifestyle whilst allowing me to attend the daily sessions that are so necessary for recovery.’

Mark in Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
Gideon in Treatment for Addiction

Gideon's addiction recovery: 'You have nothing to lose in giving this a go'

‘My name is Gideon and I’m an addict, something I never thought I’d be saying or even thinking every day. I’m 21 years old and somehow before I had entered the Help Me Stop programme, my addiction had pushed my life into ruin – emotionally, physically and financially. I was desperate.’

Gideon sought out treatment with Help Me Stop for ketamine addiction, cocaine addiction and alcohol addiction, achieving abstinence-based recovery and learning the skills to stay stopped on our Digital Dayhab programme.

Toulou's treatment for ketamine addiction: 'Not using isn't the same as recovering'

‘I was 30 years old when I came to Help Me Stop. I came in for ketamine addiction but from the programme I’ve since discovered patterns of behaviours with other processes too,’ Toulou says. ‘I knew I needed some institutional help and felt that Online Dayhab with Help Me Stop was a very happy medium between in-patient care and only attending meetings.

‘It really was a pleasure to do the programme. Although it was a large chunk of the day, it certainly was not a chore. I was really hoping to succeed in not using. I didn’t really know what that looked like before joining the programme and I wasn’t achieving it on my own.

smiling young woman with cup of tea

Addiction Recovery with Help Me Stop

All our stories are unique, and each story featured here is too. At Help Me Stop, we are here to listen without judgment and help you get the results you are looking for from the programme. 

We have a Dayhab centres in central London and an online programme too, to help you find recovery and peace of mind. Dayhab is a non-residential approach to rehab, which means that you can go about your life and incorporate recovery into it, rather than withdrawing from the world for weeks or months at a time. Our programmes mean that you can take what you are learning and build it into your everyday life, learning and growing as you go. 

At Help Me Stop, most of our team are recovering addicts, so we know and understand what may have led you here, and we are here to help you turn things around. We support those with both alcohol addiction and drug addiction through our programmes, and we use a variety of methods to do that. From utilising the 12 step programme to group therapy sessions, with the option of taking part in family sessions too, we will help you rebuild your life and your relationships outside of addiction. 

recovery bright word

What makes Dayhab different?

Dayhab is non-residential, which is the first main difference between our programme and residential rehab. Because of this, we see amazing results from our clients as they can implement the changes and practices they have learnt with us into their lives as they go. It also means many of our clients still go to work and see their families, as they don’t have to be taken away from their everyday lives. Also, the cost is significantly cheaper than residential rehab, making it more affordable and more accessible. Dayhab is designed to help you make life changes and to gather the tools needed to take you through the next steps, beyond the programme and into the rest of your life.

Who is Dayhab for?

Dayhab is for those seeking recovery from their addiction. Whether you are just noticing the effects or it has been going on for some time, we are here to offer help and support throughout your journey. We see people from all walks of life and from different situations, and the key thing is we are here to help. If you read and watch the stories above, you will see the variety of people we have helped with our programme. It really is people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, ages, cultures and from many countries across the world too.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find out more about Dayhab, and the treatment plans we offer here at Help Me Stop, you can get in touch here or call us on +44(0)208 191 9191. We provide confidential conversations, and we will always listen without judgment to help you find the right route for your recovery.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from addiction, please do contact us today. Our team will be able to speak with you in confidence, understand your needs, and offer you guidance and support on the steps you should take. 

We also have an information page here with free resources to use, if you are not ready to enter an addiction treatment programme.